Out of the darkness
you were the yummiest,
most beguiling spark.

I’m tired of eating dinners with people who don’t permit themselves to eat the things they want to eat. I’m tired of the constant negotiations: alright I’ll trade not having this roll for that extra piece of pizza, eating a salad for my meal means I get to have ice cream, swapping coke for diet coke means I only have to run four miles in the morning. I’m tired of my beautiful friends thinking themselves less beautiful because they’re the only ones eating fried chicken or the only ones who want a second piece of cake. I’m tired of being made to feel less beautiful when I want the fried chicken, the piece of cake. I’m tired of people using exercise as a means to eat unhealthily. The two don’t cancel each other out and never will. I’m tired of cigarettes for lunch. I’m tired of ice cream cones for breakfast or skipping breakfast all together. I’m tired of deprivation and I’m tired of talking ourselves in circles until our dinner plates are blank and flavorless. Until we are blank and flavorless and starving.

Certainly each of us must imagine the other to be more loved than we are. What a gift, then, to make someone realize how wholly and deeply loved they are.

Even still pink
blossoms spill into cafes
and strangers sip
lattes and give one another

When you left
it was the longest
and loneliest day
and it has stretched
a lifetime.

At night with you
there was no breath larger
than a thimble.

the water
I can almost
see you.

People are so sweet sometimes. So sweet you could feel guilty but of course you are sweet too. It’s easy to forget that.

I wanna be the cloud
in some day dreamer’s eye
shifting shape
in the sky.

Wow. Stumbled upon this and it’s so beautiful.